About Us

How it all began

L to R: Darrell and Sharon Bernard, Rosemarie and Austin Christmas

While sitting at a picnic table in Mira in May of 2016, a conversation started with talking about how popular camping has become and how we always have trouble finding sites for our trailers next to each other. 

As it grew even more difficult to find sites together, our joke was “well we can’t find a spot so we will just buy a campground”. The conversation spread and our campfire days and nights were spent talking of our excitement about owning a campground. 

We started looking at land to build from the bottom up. One lucky day while Austin searched the web for land, Englishtown Ridge popped up like it was meant to be. Before long we were all in our trucks and out to Englishtown. We immediately fell in love with the place and saw our vision come alive in front of us. We could see where our trailers would go – finally! We knew it was going to be ours and our campfire dreams were coming true.


A Unique Camping Experience

Kluskap Ridge is a one of a kind campground destination in Atlantic Canada. Owned and operated by members of the Mi’kmaq community of Membertou First Nation, the partners wish to share parts of their culture with their guests.  They offer Indigenous-inspired arts and crafts, teach a Mi’kmaq word of the day, and provide customized tipis for accommodations.